Low-power FM radio advocates withdraw some objections

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California and Pennsylvania, USA
May 31, 2018

Advocate groups Center for International Media Action, Common Frequency, Inc, and Prometheus Radio Project have withdrawn 20 of their informal objections filed on May 15th with more to come.

Through ongoing research the group concludes that their objection does not apply to certain translators. These objections concern translators licensed prior to the Local Community Radio Act (LCRA), or licensed to cover a permit which honored the initial LCRA processing rules, and in either case subsequently have not made long Mattoon waiver or AM relocations. In the interest of the time and energy of the Commission, applicants, and the group itself; they have withdrawn twenty of these objections this week and more will be withdrawn next week.

One of the withdrawals is in response to a request the group received. They welcome specific requests through their press contacts, on behalf of applicants for translators with similar histories.


Paul Bame, Prometheus Radio Project, info@prometheusradio.org, 215 727 9620 x505
Clay Leander, Common Frequency Inc. clay@commonfrequency.org 510 858 4097


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