Tech Support

Prometheus has been a clearinghouse of information regarding stations' technical problems for years now. We understand that many low power radio groups were not originally formed as radio stations - many of you will have backgrounds in social justice, education and community service, but not radio engineering! Hopefully this site can provide the answers to your technical (and other) questions.


Studio Info
Find out what equipment you should, or legally need, to get your community radio studio together and functioning properly.

The documents on this page are intended to demystify the science behind radio transmission, while also addressing common challenges and solutions in radio transmission.

Internet Streaming
Learn how streaming your radio content over the internet can broaden your audience or fit in extra content, and what you can do to start streaming.

Consulting and Construction Services
Find out how Prometheus Radio Project can help you get on air!


There are also a lot of good technical resources available elsewhere on the web. Here are a few of our favorite sites:

Radio Free Berkeley: Radio Free Berkeley is the project of Stephen Dunifer, one of the heroes of the microradio movement. Their resources are geared towards unlicensed microradio, but much of the information can be useful for licensed radio as well. Just keep in mind that if you are trying broadcast with a license, you'll be subject to some restrictions that aren't addressed in the pirate literature.

National Federation of Community Broadcasters: The NFCB is a national alliance for those involved with community radio. Their website includes some excellent resources, though most are not community radio focused. We especially like their webinars and manuals.

REC Networks: Recnet provides some excellent background on the technical challenges for Low Power community radio stations. Their website includes valuable tools for Low Power FMs, especially the Low Power FM channel search.