What We Do

Prometheus builds participatory radio for social justice organizing and community expression. What are the tools in our toolkit? Over the years, we've used everything from power drills to protests, from soldering irons to suits (the kind you wear to court and the kind you win there).  

Explore this section to learn more about our work.

In Community Radio, you can read profiles of great community radio stations around the country, and learn about our radio station barnraising events. Barnraisings bring together an entire community to build a radio station and the community radio movement.

In Local Community Radio Act, read about the new law that paved the way for the expansion of community radio. Prometheus led a ten-year grassroots campaign to pass this bipartisan legislation in 2010. Passing the Local Community Radio Act is one of our proudest accomplishments and one of the biggest achievements of the media reform movement.

In Our Issues, learn about our policy advocacy to support a more democratic media system. We are the leading advocates for Low Power Radio, and in this section you can follow our efforts to expand and protect low power radio at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). You can also read about our Media Ownership work to learn about the famous Prometheus vs. FCC victories. Twice we went to court and successfully stopped the FCC from further consolidating broadcast media ownership.