The Low Power FM application: What you need to know for the technical section

So you are getting ready to apply for a Low Power FM radio station license! For more than a decade, Prometheus Radio Project has advocated for a more just media system and worked to build participatory radio as a tool for social justice organizing and a voice for community expression. The newly available Low Power FM licenses are the result of this work. As the application window in October approaches, we want to help you navigate the labyrinths of the FCC towards a successful application.
Filling out FCC forms is not an easy task. There can be a lot information to sift through and plenty of confusing language. Defective or incomplete applications will be returned without consideration by the FCC. And a small mistake on your application, particularly in the technical section, can knock you out of the running for a station.

This guide will provide some relevant background information and explain the technical section of the LPFM application (Form 318, Section VI, LPFM Engineering, Tech Box). We will explain the technical information you will need to understand in order to fill out the application. This document does not include information about how to fill out the rest of Form 318--the legal aspects, nonprofit information, etc. We have several other resources that can help you with the legal parts of the application. Visit our website and call our Help Desk for more information.

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