Get Your Share of the Air!

As of this writing (August 2020), the response to a congressional inquiry to the FCC indicates that a non-commercial (NCE) station window will be next, followed by LPFM. The schedule for these windows is unannounced and unknown, but a guess is that the NCE window might be possible this year (probably next year), and the LPFM window possible in 2021.

The airwaves are opening! In 2020-2022 (an educated guess), local nonprofits and schools nationwide can apply to start their own community radio stations.

What could you do with a radio station? Learn more about low power radio and what it takes to apply for a station. Prometheus provides a wide range of support to station applicants who sign up. We offer free online trainings, help guides, channel finding software, and ways to network with other community radio supporters. Sign up to get connected!